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Buy Your Next Suit From Bruce.

At Bruce Julian Clothier, we have been tailoring suits to perfection longer than many so called men's retailers have been around. They have warehouses full of hundreds of suits just like the one they want you to buy, while we limit our inventory to make our customers unique.

If you want that tailored look, Bruce Julian Clothier is where you need to shop. We have suits that range from conservative and professional to fashion forward and everything in between.

Often the difference between men's clothing comes down to the details. Things like working buttons, contrasting thread, a pocket variation, etc. At Bruce Julian Clothier we have it all.

Obviously the most important thing about any suit is the fit and we have decades of experience making suits look exceptional on any body type. This experience is what matters and it is one more thing that sets us apart from our competition.

We also have tuxedo and formal wear options for those times when you must make the best impression! Bruce Julian Clothier will help make your next event, wedding, gala, or formal dinner your favorite... because you will look amazing!

Stop by our store on Selwyn Avenue to see how we can make you look! We promise you'll be impressed with our clothes and our service. We take great pride in offering only the best designer mens clothing at prices that compete or beat department stores. You do not have to spend a ton of money to look like you did.






Slim Fit Suits & Athletic Fit Suits

We have helped bring the trim fit suit to Charlotte and we can make sure you look your best even if you are a difficult fit for other stores. The slim fit suit is a trend that started in Europe and has slowly made its way across the pond. We have a wide selection of trim fit suits to make you look your best. Athletic guys usually have broader shoulders and a narrower waist which can be a challenge for traditional mens retailers. Not so at Bruce Julian Clothiers.

At Bruce Julian Clothier we carry designer brands from around the world. Some of our best known brands include the following:
Haspel, Haupt, Riviera, IKE Behar, Ballin, Andrew Davis, Tallia Uomo, Robert Graham, Stone Rose, Seven Diamonds, English Laundry, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Lipson, XMI, Dion, Enro, Ibiza, Bill Lavin, Joseph Abboud, Tommy Bahama, and many more! Stop in today to see our inventory and exceptional deals.
We pride ourselves on individualized customer service, great selection, and low prices on exclusive clothing.